Soccer Helps Refugee Children

There’s something about Mark Kabban’s face that says ‘I am going to change the world — you just watch me.’ Kabban, 25, was a professional soccer player for college ball and has transferred his passion for the game to children who need it most. “Most of the kids are from Iraq,” said Kabban.

Kabban is the executive director for Yalla SD. A nonprofit organization dedicated to the use of sports and education for refugee kids. Located in El Cajon, California, one of the highest ranking refugee resettlement cities in the country, Yalla offers a competitive soccer program, a peace builders league, after school tutoring and other creative initiatives for refugee kids.

Below is a video of Mark’s work I produced and an article I published in Huffington Post.

Huffington Post Article:


About Charity Tooze

Charity Tooze is a producer, journalist, project manager and entrepreneur. She holds a joint master's degree in international affairs and journalism and a bachelor's degree in women's studies and multi-media. She has consulted for the United Nations, Human Rights Watch, AOL and various non-profits. Her work has been published on CNN, PBS, Huffington Post and the UNHCR. View all posts by Charity Tooze

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